For over 25 years countless families have trusted THE YANOWITZ LAW FIRM to get their affairs in order

Why Families CHOOSE the Yanowitz Law Firm

Nationally Recognized

Since 2015, our firm has been ranked as one of the best law firms in Trusts and Estate by U.S. News and World Report.

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Flat Fee Pricing

We charge flat fees for wills and trusts.
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Convenience: Virtual and In-person Appointments

Clients can choose to meet with us either virtually or in person at our office in Rochester, Minnesota. Signing is simple. Our clients decide whether they want to sign in person or electronically. Many of our clients love signing electronically because it can take only a few minutes, and they can sign from anywhere (including work, their cabin, and when they are on a business trip)!
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Prompt Service

To provide peace of mind we draft documents swiftly. We return calls and emails promptly.
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Experienced Attorneys

Our attorneys have drafted hundreds of wills and trusts. We listen to our clients’ dreams and explain concepts in straightforward terms. We help people save money on taxes. Our vast experience allow us to hone in on what is important and provide sensible advice.
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Estate Planning Lawyers in Rochester, Minnesota

Our Rochester attorneys have experience drafting hundreds of wills and trusts for families in diverse situations. When loved ones pass away, numerous families have depended on our compassionate probate lawyers to help them understand complex laws and tax rules. Our Rochester business law attorneys have helped many businesses in Southeastern Minnesota thrive.

“My experience with Yanowitz Law Firm was very thorough and professional. I always felt comfortable that things were done in confidence. I strongly recommend them to family and friends”


“Over 20 years ago our financial advisor suggested that we consult with the Yanowitz Law Firm in developing an estate plan to address a more complex family situation. The Yanowitz Law Firm was recommended as one of the finest estate planning law firms in Minnesota. Since that time we have worked with the Yanowitz Law Firm on many plan revisions in addition to special trust development and management, and much more. The Yanowitz Law Firm has gotten to know our children and has supported their needs as well. We have been very pleased with the Yanowitz Law Firm’s work and highly recommended them to others.”


“Professional, communicative, and efficient. Yanowitz Law Firm gave our family the security that we needed.”


“The Yanowitz Law office is exceedingly good at estate and tax planning. I have used their services for years, more than I would like to admit, and find them to be very knowledgeable, get the work completed on time as promised and are very clear in explaining everything.”


“I was very happy with the Yanowitz Law Firm. Claire was attentive and answered my many questions. I had a particularly complicated case which was handled with compassion and consideration. I would highly recommend their services.”


“I so enjoy working with Claire and Alan. This is a very positive and valued relationship. If you want to deal with the top in estate law – they are it. In spite of their elite – and even esoteric – knowledge and in-depth understanding of the field, Alan and Claire bring it down to reality so well so that I can understand what they are saying. This is probably the most amazing and valuable attribute about their services.”


“I contacted the Yanowitz Law Firm just after moving here from California. They understood our requirements and quickly and efficiently provided the updates that we needed. The work was completed very quickly and within the time-frame of their original estimate. The Yanowitz Law Firm is very thorough and professional. I recommend them very highly to anyone needing legal assistance.”


“My parents worked with the Yanowitz Law Firm to set up a trust. The passing of my dad meant that annuities, municipal bonds, savings accounts, and beneficiaries had to be addressed. They understood all the legal issues. The fees were what I would consider reasonable. I was very happy that our family worked with the Yanowitz Law Firm in dealing with all of the paperwork it takes in order to pass an inheritance to a family. Thank you.”


“I have used the Yanowitz Law Firm for a variety of matters including estate planning and real estate transactions. They have always been knowledgeable and completely capable of doing a masterful job for my needs. They are very careful to explain their recommendations and their work was always done on the date that they promised. Their work is high quality and done with a high level of integrity.”


“The Yanowitz Law Firm wrote a trust for my family, helped me buy and sell business real estate and represented me on various business transactions. I am very glad I choose to work with the Yanowitz Law Firm because they are trustworthy and very knowledgeable. They provided practical advice and they explained concepts clearly. I would highly recommend Yanowitz to anyone who needs a will or trust. Getting my estate in order by Yanowitz provided me much peace of mind.”