Community Education Classes Winter-Spring 2022

posted Mar 2, 2022 | Community Education, News

As Claire Langton-Yanowitz’s practice focuses on estate planning, probate, and trust administration, she also wants to empower lives by facilitating courses about these important topics through Rochester Community Education.

She would like to invite you to these courses that will be held online via Zoom. Click the photos to learn more.


Learn the rules regarding income tax residency and estate tax residency.

Discussion will include strategies to transfer property at a loved one’s passing without going through probate.

Learn how probate works, how to title property to reduce taxes, and the difference between a will and a revocable trust.

Learn techniques to reduce income, estate, and gift taxes.

Learn about estate planning techniques to pass the cabin, farm, or business to the next generation.

You can also call the Rochester Community Education Center at (507) 328-4000 to inquire about these courses or register.


Also, if you know of individuals who might be interested in these courses, feel free to let them know so that they can sign up.