Make Getting An Estate Plan Done Your New Year’s Resolution

posted Dec 30, 2021 | Guides, News

When Claire was 22 years old she almost died twice.
Through those experiences she learned just how fragile and unexpected life can be. There are no guarantees on how long we live so we must be prepared today.
If you died today…
Would your spouse and children be protected?
Would your family have to go to probate court and spend a lot of time, hassle and money to transfer your property?
Would they have to pay unnecessary taxes because you did not put a plan in place?
Don’t let that happen. Don’t put your family through that.
If you don’t have a will or trust (or need to update the one you have) Claire encourages you to add getting your estate plan done to your New Year’s resolution list.
In this video, she’s sharing four simple steps you can take to make sure you get your estate plan done in 2022!
If you’re ready to get your estate plan done, you can schedule an appointment here.