What We Do

Real estate

Throughout Rochester, MN and the surrounding area we have assisted farmers, business owners and home owners to buy and sell real estate.

We can draft and review purchase agreements to ensure that buyers and sellers are protected. Our real estate attorneys routinely draft deeds and contracts for deeds. Additionally, we can help negotiate agreements and create leases to make sure that agreements are accurately stated in writing.

We help our clients avoid probate by drafting transfer on death deeds.

Frequently, we assist clients by writing transfer on death deeds so that real estate passes at death according to the owner’s wishes and does not trigger probate. Also, our tax seasoned attorneys can advise clients on the best way to title real estate in order to reduce estate and income tax. Often our real estate lawyers help individuals pass treasured property, such as the family farm or cabin, to the next generation. We can help families weigh the financial and tax consequences of whether it is better to give away these properties during life or at death.

If you have property you want to buy, sell, or lease or need a transfer on death deed call the Yanowitz Law Firm at (507) 252-8997.