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Wills & Trusts

Our Clients Are Diverse — Our Experience is Broad

The lawyers at the Yanowitz Law Firm have drafted hundreds of wills and trusts for people from all walks of life. Our firm has created plans for families with small children, couples in retirement, business owners, farming families, individuals who are married to non-citizens, families with disabled children, teachers, doctors and blended families. No matter where you come from, no matter your objectives, the lawyers at the Yanowitz Law Firm can help you create a practical plan that will meet your goals.

Why do you need a will or trust?

  • Simplifies affairs for surviving family members
  • Ensures property passes according to your wishes at death
  • Reduces estate and income taxes
  • Trusts avoid probate
  • Reduces the cost of distributing property at death
  • Directs who will take care of your children
  • Ensures a responsible adult manages your children’s inheritance until they are mature
  • Protects disabled family members
  • Increases family harmony
  • Leaves a lasting legacy to charity
  • Increases asset protection for people who inherit your property

What is the difference between a will and trust?

A will distributes property through a court proceeding called probate. Many of our clients would rather avoid the expense and delay of probate and instead use a revocable trust to transfer their assets. The attorneys at the Yanowitz Law Firm can help you understand the differences between a will and a trust and assist you in deciding what is best for you and your family.

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